Thaon's Journal: Entry #2

The Tower is Cleared

What a blur today has been! Our friend Rykus, the elf ranger, has suddenly left for home, after learning some dire news regarding his family. Me and the halfling Lauker said a very brief goodbye, and had nothing else going for us besides to investigate the old tower east of Valley Falls as we had planned. After a few hours travel we came to the entrance to the tower, and the presence of walking corpses told us we had come to the right place. Lauker and I began dutifully to put down the unnatural creatures, but it seemed we were not the only ones seeking entry into the tower that day. We found ourselves fighting alongside a summoner and his beast, may have had some serious trouble had they not been there. Half of the undead were crushed by the beast’s huge limbs. After the dust settled the summoner seemed aloof towards us, but not hostile. Too proud to actually agree to joining with us, the summoner came along as we entered the tower, and did assist greatly in the many bizarre episodes we endured before reaching the top. What a strange labyrinth of otherworldly puzzles! It seems the necromancer was looking only to fight the cleverest of opponents. But into his chamber we stormed, and the summoner’s beast proved immensely useful in handling the necromancer’s minions while the halfling and I took the lich head-on. He is dead now… well, more dead than he was. We rest now in his chamber at the top of the tower, where there is a wide balcony that looks over the plain.

We’ve still learned nothing regarding the reason why this is happening to our realm. As the lich died, he seemed to imply that he had little to do with the undead hordes. Another dead end, if you may excuse the pun. Maybe the answer lies deeper in the mountains. On the morrow we’ll investigate this chamber fully and decide on a next course of action.


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