Thaon's Journal: Entry #3

Dear Journal,

Tyrik has been banished, and Lauker and I now sit along the wall of the Ruined Tower, taking our much needed rest. It is a cool evening, and from this vantage point we can see the eastern lands sprawled out before us, rolling down from the mountains and forming a wide valley. From a distance I can hear the water of the river, and I can see it cutting a shimmering path through the dusky land, winding its way westward. Near the horizon, where the river dwindles from view I can see the faintly twinkling lights of Valley Falls. May its citizens rest safely in their beds tonight, now that the undead menace has temporarily subsided. I believe that I can almost feel the land waking up again, as the heavy burden of evil energies is lifted. It seems fairer and greener than it was before, and around the Ruined Tower the evening birds have returned and are letting out their peaceful songs. It is a good feeling here, and I do hope it lasts. But we cannot cease our vigilance. Although there is hope that the lich king Nayo may seek peace, the realm still may be in danger. It will be difficult for my mind to be at ease unless Nayo too is banished, and his soul takes the same path that all mortal souls must take once they reach their end.

Nayo cannot be forgiven for the crimes of the past, and such horrible crimes they were. I have read the histories, and the War of the Dead was one of the most destructive and atrocious of conflicts. Countless innocent people died, and the land was marred by war and fel energies for many years. If Nayo truly desires peace, then let him accept justice. Let his soul depart this plane forever. For how can he be allowed to dwell freely and peacefully in this realm after having slaughtered so many? What service would we be doing to the memories of the fallen, and to their descendants who live today? No, Nayo cannot merely be forgiven. Once upon a time he was a human, but he gave up his body and soul for eternal life. Now let him face eternal death, as did the victims of his terrible war. That would be true peace, if peace is what he seeks. But in good faith we will meet with Nayo, for his role in defeating Tyrik cannot be overlooked.

On the morrow we should report to Valley Falls on the defeat of Tyrik, and request they send messengers to Esterlin and the rest of Amaron Vale to spread the word. We might also inform them of Nayo’s proposition of peace… But we shall think on this. I have decided that there is only one way that I will be able to trust Nayo. He must hand over his phylactery. We will bring his phylactery before the leaders of the realm and let them decide his fate. If Nayo truly wants peace, then we should accept nothing less than that, for in order to make amends he must submit himself to the will of the region, and be ready to accept his true and final death if the people of Amaron Vale so decide. We await word from Nayo’s Emissary, then we will go speak with the lich on behalf of the people of the realm.

But my eyelids grow heavy, and now that I finish this journal entry the evening birds have taken to their nests for the night. Let this valley have peace but for a little while, and we will see what the morning sun brings. Til next time, journal.

Thaon of the Talons


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