Warm Waters 2

I can’t explain it. Two months later, replaying the events in my head thousands of times, and I still can’t explain it. They were all there; Neddy, Jin, Wesley, Drummond, and Skye. Then they weren’t there and the fire was extinguished. How could something like that happen?

I lay in my bed still trying to put everything together. No one assumes me or Edmund had anything to do with it. I was able to convince the townsfolk that Ed was not feeling well and we left early, but everyone was still there.

Well… I wasn’t completely lying, something was wrong with Ed.

Even through the last two months he has been acting different. He started off very skittish and easily startled, even more so then usual. Sometimes he slept in my room because he was feeling uneasy. That lasted for most of the past two months, but recently, he has been acting more relaxed, and though this should be a good thing, it doesn’t seem natural, but maybe I’m over exaggerating.

Bells Ring

I jump out of bed and look out of my window towards the town hall. I see a mass of people gathering there. I throw on some clothes and begin leaving my room.

I take three steps out of room. “Axe,” I hear Ed call my name. I look into his room and he is sitting on his bed with his eyes closed. “Yeah? What is it?” I ask. “They’re back,” he says with some eagerness in his voice as he smiles and opens his eyes. I meet his eyes for only second as I walk towards the front door.

As I open the front door, I full on sprint to the town hall. If I didn’t know any better, I would say the whole town is there. I squeeze my way through the crowd, eavesdropping trying to find out anything about this gathering.

“Any idea what’s going on?”
“Are we being attacked?”
“The tribal people from the North must of finally crossed into our province.”
“Is that a boy?”
“No. It’s the missing kids.”
The missing children? Are they finally back? The excitement is too much for me to handle. I begin pushing people out of my way.

I reach the front of the gathering where I see my friends’ parents hugging kids and being hugged in return.

Neddy finally sees me, and I run towards him. I put my arms around him and he hugs me back. As I let go, he doesn’t and whispers something in my ear. “What the Hell is going on? Did you put everyone up to this?”

I pull away but still within whispering distance of him. “What do you mean?” I ask. “Why is everyone acting like we’ve been gone for a year? I saw you leaving with Ed an hour ago.” I pull away even further with what I can only assume is a look of shock on my face. I get close enough to whisper again “Neddy… You guys have been missing for two months.”

Warm Waters 2

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